Thank you for stopping by here!

My name is Susana and started with food blogging in January of this year. I have always had this passion for “cooking” since I finished my hotel school. The days go by and you never think about your passions until you decide it is time to embrace what you want to do or can do.

My family and I just relocated from Emden, Germany to Miami. The first recipes are developed in Germany. There has been many changes to our lives and I am still adjusting to the changes.

The concept of my food blog is about cooking recipes from all over the world. I might not cook exactly the way you cook in your country. Many reasons to that: I read several recipes first, then I decide what ingredients to use and make my own recipe. There are times though, when I bake for example, there is not much room for adjustment then I will mention the “person” who wrote the recipe. Trying to be open and honest at the same time, I am having fun discovering what the all world is eating.

Like any other food blogger, networking is very important. I do, or I try to network every day. Successful bloggers encourage to post pictures or others multiple times a day. I am afraid that this will work later in my life, since I am still a home stay mommy, housework duties call for me all the time, so posting is once a day.

Where I am most active today is at my Facebook page, same name “Delicioso y Divertido”, where we exchange ideas, where I also post pictures about fast food, restaurants, produce, grocery stores, health and nutrition…Infinite topics about food and beverage.

Until I may decide what to do next, this blog is all about recipes.

Please join me and let’s have fun.

Thank you.

Susana Kawai

Author and owner of: Delicioso y Divertido. Savoring the world at home.



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