Recipe: Breakfast in Egypt: Fowl!

It was one morning at the store I go every now and then to buy the flat bread or other ingredients to prepare dishes from the Middle East/Arab World. We were eating the owner’s homemade Baklava and talking about food. Suddenly this gentleman asked me, why I was so interested in the Middle East cuisine. I explained him that I started with my blog and need to learn about the different cuisine of the world. He was so happy to hear that and told me this simple recipe. Fowl, he said: “While in the Western world, people eat toast, butter & jam, cheese & ham, we in Egypt we eat Fowl. It has to be Fava beans”. I prepared exactly how he explained. Now I garnished with some strawberries to add some color. This gentleman was a chef for thirty years in Cairo and he is now retired and lives in Emden. I looked up on the internet to learn more about Fowl, but I could not locate any article that would beneficiate my link. My kids love this. I, myself was very careful at the beginning. After eating beans, I sometimes have difficulties with my stomach, but this Fowl is safe for me. We had this Fowl, four times. This became one of our healthy, quick evening dinner. (Breakfast for Egypt, dinner for us, why not.)

Fava beans.
olive oil
lemon juice
(shallots or garlic, optional)
Pita bread.
Ingredients: The picture above does not have the shallot, but you may add it.
Try to purchase your flat bread in an authentic store, because it tastes much better, the price is also lower.

1. in olive oil, warm up the beans, smash, just a little.
2. at the end add some lemon juice and salt and serve over flat bread. Simple as that.

Preparation and cooking time: 10 minutes.
Tip: you may add some mint leaves on top.

Enjoy exploring breakfast from Egypt.

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