Pasta with Shrimp in Truffle Sauce!

For New Years I have prepared Beef Wellington and for the farce I used Truffle paste. I had some left over for the following day and this is what I came with:

Any pasta you wish

About 300g Shrimp, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

1 tsp butter

1-2 TBSP chopped shallots

1 garlic clove, chopped

1-2 TBSP truffle, chopped

1-2 TBSP Italian or white mushroom, chopped (this too mushroom types were mixed for my Beef Wellington)

1/6 cup champagne (used for New Years, if you do not have champagne, white wine is fine)

1/4 cup bouillon

1/6 cup heavy cream

little starch if necessary to thicken sauce (always add little cold water first)

fresh chopped parsley

1. In olive oil, brown shrimps until orange, remove.

2. same oil add little butter and caramelize shallots and garlic, then add mushrooms, mix.

3. add champagne, reduce liquids, mix.

4. add bouillon, mix, add shrimps, mix.

5. add heavy cream, mix and some starch to thicken sauce if necessary.

6. sprinkle fresh parsley and serve over pasta.

My family loved this.

Susana @ Delicioso y DivertidoSh


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